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It was a beautiful autumn evening during the Amsterdam Dance Event when the big “stranger” who had clocked up several club and chart hits under various projects, had a brainwave. How about starting a project, where he had no ties and commitments, where he was free to do what he wanted?   Since he had the idea in Amsterdam, the new Artist name came to him like a shot - Amfree.

The first productions were co-ops with different producers, eg. Amfree & LuCo – “Like A JoJo” and Jay Frog & Amfree – “No Alternative (Again)”, these were then followed by a production released just as Amfree, a re-working of Gala’s huge hit “Freed From Desire” under the name “We Came 2 Party”. These tracks have become favourites with DJs throughout the world and have been licensed in various countries. Amfree is now about to release the follow-up solo single for this summer, a version of Whitesnake’s global hit “Is This Love” (No. 2 USA charts, Top 10 in the UK).

In addition to this solo Single, there is another release at the end of April which is likely to gain even greater recognition - “Right In The Night 2013”.  Amfree got together with David May to do a modern version of this massive hit from the ‘90s and make it of interest to today’s listeners.   The owners of the original production, Jam&Spoon, loved this new version and it is the only remake for which they have approved the adaptation in the 20 years since they released the original.   In all this time they have either forbidden or stopped all the cover versions of their hit.    Sony Music immediately licensed the rights to the project Jam&Spoon vs. David May&Amfree – “Right In The Night 2013” and it will be a top priority release for the label worldwide